Hi , the story goes like this. My girl now is 3 years old, she just get in playgroup at feb till now, becos at home she doesn't take nap, so in childcare she also dont nap. But recently the teacher complain she dont nap yet cannot just lie down on the mattress but run about then disturb other kids. Cos my girl is a very active girl she can't stay still for long, her sleeping time at nite is from 8pm to morning about 9 , teacher suggest to give her sleep late and wake her up in the morning, but I already set a consistent sleeping time for her and she sleep well at nite, do I really have to change her sleeping time ? I feel the teacher want our parent to train the kid ourself then put inside so that they can work easier, if that the case, what for I need to put in childcare , I might as well do it myself? I thought they will try to find a solution to settle this thing but yet they ask me to let her sleep late and wake her up so that she can sleep in the afternoon so that the teacher can do their own thing, they sound like if this matter still continue they might not want to take her anymore, not that I not willing to compromise, I just dont like the way they handle things. So ridiculous like an 2 hours napping time they can't handle , they're inking of taking her out. Now what to do? In the first place already told them this problem and the teacher assure me they know what to do and now like this? Or should I change another childcare or give her preschool instead?