Dear Parents,

National Institute of Education-Singapore (NIE) is offering FREE Math Online Tutorials called “The Blending Assessment with Instruction Program (BAIP). It is a commercial program developed by researchers and Math experts in the University of Kansas in the United States and has been field tested over 239 mainstream school districts and 3,777 students with special needs in year 2009 within the United States.

BAIP is made powerful through (1) researched-based lessons for teachers, (2) instructional tutorials (text and animation versions) for students, (3) parent resources linked expressly to curriculum standards, and (4) eventual summative assessments used to monitor student achievement and management system.
Student skills BAIP addresses:
· Fundamentals
· Higher Order Thinking
· Reasoning
· Data Analysis
· Probability

The BAIP project will provide FREE ACCESS to its collection of online lessons, tutorials and parent activities in exchange for parents and teachers using BAIP. It also seeks to answer to whether hand how we can promote student achievement, learning attitudes, and parental support in mathematics. In exchange for helping us answer these questions, we pledge class collection of mathematical resources to you.

If you are interested in receiving free BAIP math online tutorials, please email or call 8280-3608 (during office hours) today!

Clarence Tan
BAIP Research Assistant
National Institute of Education
Phone: (+65) 8280-3608