Introducing you Family3 - series 2

What is this?
It is an enduring gift of love that will financially benefit 3 generations, allowing your children and grandchildren to reap the rewards of your thoughtful planning.

But How?
It is a Whole Life Plan.

How does this works?
For example, You, a 30 year old has a New Born Baby, Little John. You ( policy holder) buy a Family3- series 2 plan for Little John ( life assured) for a Sum Assured of $50,000.

It goes like this....
You will be paying premium yearly of $4200 ( $200 Monthly) for 10 years.
Total premium paid $42,175, after 10 years.
During the 10 years (2nd to 9th year) , you will receive $400 /yearly
Total cash you get back $3200
From 10th year onward, you will receive $2000/year

NOW, here is what matters most, WHEN WILL THE PAY OUT STOP?
It will ONLY stop when you son pass away. YES, it is $2000/year life time cash to YOU or Little John.

So What happen if I pass away?
Your policy will be transferred to Little John. As he continue receiving $2000/year

So what happen if Little John pass away?
The policy will be terminated. And the Sum Assured ( plus terminal bonus) will be paid to Little John's Son.
YES, your grandchildren will get what you bought many years ago.

This is a product brought to you by Great Eastern.
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