Hihi.... this is written by my friend. Just share with you.

Dear friends,

I happened to read article this last Mon (14/6).
One of the GRC is having a wellness centre.

Why I so "kpo" (busy body) even though I do not belong to
that GRC?

This is because I see our dear PM Lee is doing the
meridian tapping (exercise) that we are advocating. Yeah!
The nation will be healthier. :-)

In our LOHAS Meridian Massage, we do not only teach
LOHAS Meridian Exercise, but we go a few level further
to teach about our body Meridian System and Health
and our body 5 elements interaction.

LOHAS Meridian Health is A COST EFFECTIVE way for family total wellness.

Dear friends and graduate of DIYMM, have you MM (Meridian Massage) lately?

Our next upcoming workshop is tonight (18/6) 7PM-10Pm
and next Thursday (24/6) 7PM-10PM

Find out more from the attached file or
click www.beaconlohas.com/meridianMassage/DIYMM-11June.html

Til we meet again. Remember to do DIY-MM,
1 min to -stress,
1 min to sleep better,
1 min to relieve ache and pains.

Stay healthy and stay awesome
Peng Tatt
Beacon LOHAS ~ your SUSTAINABLE HEALTH partner

P.S. If you wish to receive information on more health or DIY techniques info, do email us at enquiry@beaconlohas.com or sms 90662770 with your name, email address and handphone number.