Hi to all!!

My baby boy, Tyler is turning into 5 next month. I have this difficulty in choosing him different clothes. I believe one of my biggest fear is choosing him the right style at the right age with the right color. Am I being picky myself, I'm not quite sure. But I'm pretty sure that choosing the right thing for my son can affect him in the future... or am I thinking too much about it? I dont't want him to turn out to be so girly, however not to be bullying others. Do you think choosing the right thing for your babies can effect that matters? I dont't have anyone to help me with that matters as I have just got a divorce 2 years ago and Tyler was only 2 years. Now that choosing baby clothes for him has been my biggest problems. The mall around here in the area has the same style and I want a change for him, dont't want him to be wearing the same color and same style.

One of the suggestion given was to go through sites but then I'm not interested in EBAY as the service is really slow and I dont't think if I order one now it will reach in time since his BD is next month. And another problem I also found was that most site I went only do wholesale children clothes and I do not want the whole bulk. I only need a few different clothes. So I was wondering if any mommies out there are facing the same problem that I'm facing and has any types of solution? Or any suggesting sites I might need that might help me... Please let me know because I'm out of options here... Thanks a lot and I'm waiting patiently..