Started potty training about 2wks ago and 3yo son could go potty on his own at home. However he started nursery this week and was crying when he needs to go to the toilet and would go very frequently but sometimes with very little pee. The teacher highlighted that he needs pull-ups because he was doing well in school except the pee incidents would interrupt and cause some "trauma".

We relented and he was on pull-up today. After school, I realised that it was thoroughly soaked and teacher commented he didn't want to go to the toilet. He almost didn't allow me to remove the pull-ups. Luckily once we reached home, he was pee-ing in the potty seat.

Can anyone share how they successfully potty train with the use of pull-ups? I'm worried my son gets very confused as he seemed to think it's ok to pee into the pull-ups, much like a diaper and I'm clueless as to how I can guide him along.