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How to set a routine for babies

This is a discussion on How to set a routine for babies within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi Mummies, I suppposed most mums set a routine for their babies and make babies follow the routine. Any mummies ...

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    How to set a routine for babies

    Hi Mummies,

    I suppposed most mums set a routine for their babies and make babies follow the routine.

    Any mummies care to share the rountine that set for your child? I am going back to work soon, guess gotta change some routine thingy etcs, stories time, etcs..

    Do you play classic music for your baby during nap time too? i wonder how to let them differiate day and night other time emphasis to them and dim the night as well as playing classic songs to them at night time.

    Please advise.

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    Re: How to set a routine for babies

    You did not mention age of your child so kinda difficult to share our experience with you coz it may not be suitable.

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    Re: How to set a routine for babies

    For most babies, usually there's an inbuilt routine for food and sleep. It's easier to catch that and try to build your routine around that with a little give and take.

    My boy has been on routine since birth. The only time he went out of routine was during growth spurts. It's also impt to know that routines are just a guide. During certain times, like times of illness or growth spurts, they do go out of routine and you'll need to exercise wisdom when to enforce and when to give in.

    So basically from birth he was on 2hrly feed, then on to 3hrly feeds. Until today, he's still pretty much on routine. Usually I try to only deviate half hr between feeds, eg, if he is napping, I let him pass another half hr before waking him up to feed.

    Routines are helpful for me because ever since I gave birth I knew I would be going back to work. So it really helped my baby's caregiver predict and know why my baby was crying and all.

    As for music, no I dont't play any music to him to fall asleep. I dont't want him to be dependant on music to be able to fall asleep.

    Usually for night time he has a bed time routine, like wiping him, kissing him before putting him to bed. He can differentiate night from day because day time naps still has some light and some noise but night time is completely dark and quiet. My boy sleeps in his own room.

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    Re: How to set a routine for babies

    in d 1st plc, parents mus set a routine for themselves too. if not, it'll b diffi to set 1 for your child. e.g. if you r night owl, then you'll have to force yourself to sleep early so your child will follow. hahaha...

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