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How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

This is a discussion on How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers? within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi! I have been wanting to teach my children the ABCs but how do i go about it? Teach them ...

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    Worthy Lady
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    Apr 2009
    Toa Payoh, Singapore
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    How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    Hi! I have been wanting to teach my children the ABCs but how do i go about it?
    Teach them to recognize the alphabets first?
    Or the words that link with the alphabets or both together?

    Also what about numbers? Let them see the numbers and how many objects that represents the numbers together?

    What about colours? When you show yr child that this is red in colour. Do you need to show them how the word "red" too?

    Hope you all understand what i means!

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    Imperial Concubine PinkDiamonds's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
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    Re: How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    for me I dont't really have a systematic way of introducing the alphabets & numbers. I believe more in exposure and exploration for my daughter's current age. i teach her as and whenever i can.

    it may take some trial & error before you realize what type of learning is suitable for your child.

    we read books on a daily basis so it exposes her to words. occasionally i will bring out the flash cards to show her words like, "daddy, mummy, milk, etc" which are words that are already familiar to her, so she picks them up faster.

    recently I've also introduced the numbers 1 - 10 but that is more of a lot of repetition. these can be in many forms, newspapers, flyers, magazines, counting her blocks, counting her fingers, etc. so far she can catch 1-3 and 6.

    she will usually catch the sound of the word first, then once she is familiar with it, i will introduce her the word. So if she recognizes RED, when I show her the word she will pick it up faster.

    so far she has not learnt to talk, & it takes time for me to realize that she recognize certain words and numbers.
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    Moderator diymummy's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
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    Re: How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    My method is the same as PinkDiamonds.

    For ABCs and 123s, I do have DVDs that teach them and I let my boy watch it. I also have charts at home with ABCs and 123s. At the beginning, it seems like you're just wasting your time teaching because there's no response but when my boy hit 16 mths or so, he started recognising words and letters as well as numbers.

    Just keep at it. Point out ABCs and 123s while you're out. My hubby will point out the level number when we take the lift, when we see block numbers... Everywhere!

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    Aug 2007
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    Re: How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    I actually dont't use DVDs at this age. We went with other visual aids like books, flashcards & songs.

    I follow the montessori way of teaching - alphabets 1st, then words subsequently. For alphabets, we dont't do the "this is A, this is B, etc" - visual recognition. We learn the sound of the alphabet 1st, then recognise the alphabet. Similarly, we do lowercase letters 1st. For words, we learn to decode and encode 1st. Like show a pic of a cat, say the phonetic sound of the letters that make up the word CAT, then pronounce the word CAT (Ke-Air-Ter, CAT). The child should be able to pick out the sounds of the letters that make up CAT.

    Same goes for numbers. It's also about learning quantity and showing/feeling that 1 = 1 spindle, 2 = 2 spindles. I use those tongue depressors in place of spindles.

    Colour wise, we've been using descriptive phrases like "You are wearing a red shirt today" and pointing to the object so he can learn to associate the colour.
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    Consort-in-Ordinary snowbear's Avatar
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    May 2008
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    Re: How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    I teach both the alphabet as well as the sound of the alphabet. I use ready-made learning aids as well as make my own. You can view some of what I do here. We also name alphabet pasta bits together when I let her play with it for Montessori activities.

    Educational tv like Sesame Street's Alphabet Jungle game and the easier discs of Word World also help with learning.

    For numbers, I do counting with her whenever possible. We could count anything such as pegs when we hang the laundry, crayons in the box etc.

    I used crayons to teach colours so she gets both exposure to the colour as well as develop fine motor skills while drawing. You can test understanding later on by asking your child to pick a certain colour to draw so you'll know whether the child has picked up the concept.

    Constantly pointing out alphabets, numbers and colours whenever possible is definitely useful as well!
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    Imperial Concubine annie's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
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    Re: How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    for me, i just let her watch dvds, you tubes etc.. then sometimes i write the alphabets and numbers and ask her what is this what is that.. then count things with her in daily life as what snowbear does... i sometimes uses flashcards too for both numbers and alphabets. she learn phonics through dvd n youtubes as well and now she even knows how to sing some parts of the phonics song...

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    Worthy Lady ping26's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
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    Re: How to teach the ABCs to baby & toddlers?

    My baby is 15 month old. She recognises about 10-15 letters, numbers and words (I think). She can speak in phrases and ask Where qn. Vocab is prob a few hundred words - foods, animals, toys, people, action words, hsehold items, etc.

    I focused on oral lg first - speech and vocab. I also gave her a 26 pc wooden letter puzzles to play around. Read library books. Sometimes, hub will spell out words. She can understand short stories for Level 1 for beginner readers. (but she can't read yet) She watches sesame street on youtube infrequently. Recently, I pasted about 10 sight words in play area & furniture.

    My belief is that language skills shld develop before letter or word recognition.

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