Dear Parent(s),

We are conducting a survey to gain a better understanding of the demands for Student Care Centres and Childcare School in the market. With the Singaporean work culture, there are instances where working parents have no choice but to opt for Children Care services if there is no family support at home.

Most Centres in the market are tuition-like centres and may not necessarily be the most conducive environment for the children. We are currently in the midst in setting up a Student Care and a Childcare, it is our aim to establish a Student Care Centre that will be more of a 'second home' to the children; providing a safe, cosy and fun environment for them to rest and gain learning experiences.

Therefore, we would appreciate if you could spare some time to share your views and suggestions on your concept of what an ideal Student Care Centre and Childcare would be. If there are any other suggestion or views, you could also drop us a mail at

We as mothers, fathers and teachers just want the best for our little ones.

Kindly click on the link below to participate the survey:

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