Wish to enhance your child's confidence and overcome his/her shyness?
Want to motivate your child to perform better in school and persevere on tasks?

Give your child a headstart with Jumpstart Academy Singapore’s Holiday Day Camps! Specially tailored for primary school-going children to enhance their emotional intelligence to excel, our camps are a great way for your child to enjoy a fun-filled and meaningful school holiday.

Find out more about our Performance Booster and Confidence Booster camps now:

Camp A: Performance Booster - "I am a Junior Masterchef!"
Through role-playing a junior masterchef, let your child cook up a storm and learn to excel!

Children will:
- Identify their strengths by designing their own recipe book of what makes them unique
- Proudly decorate their masterchef hats with their personal learning motivators
- Learn to set goals and control impulses better with a junior masterchef scheduler

Camp B: Confidence Booster - "I am an Egyptian Explorer!"

Let your child live his/her fantasy of being an Egyptian explorer for a day!

Children will:
- Overcome their fear of public speaking and confidently express themselves as they role-play mummies and Egyptians
- Learn to overcome their shyness to make friends with other through solving challenging puzzles together in a team

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