Hihi to all Mummies here,

I'm currently preg with my No. 2 and going to move house in a few months time before my delivery. This is a good chance for me to re-arrange my No. 1 to sleep at her own bedroom.

She has been sleeping in the same room with us since birth at her own cot. I cannot decide if my No. 1 should sleep with my maid or they should sleep separately in order to train my girl to be more independent and also to avoid future problem should my maid decide to leave us one day. My girl is coming to 3 years old soon.

If my girl is sleeping separately with my maid, is it good to have my No. 2 to sleep with my No. 1? I am afraid my No. 1 will be jealous why No. 2 can sleep with us but not her.
Or is better for my maid to sleep with both my kids in order to give the attention in an event when they have nightmare or sick? And I will be able to save extra bedroom for other usage instead of giving my maid her own bedroom?

I'm in a dilemma and would like to seek for advise in order for me to come to a conclusion.