What is The Ultimate Slimming Program?

- It's an empowering program to allow you to lose weight in a natural way.

- You will not have to rely on slimming pills, exhausting exercise, stringent diet or slimming equipment or acupuncture treatment to lose that extra kilos. Slimming should be easy for you!
- It's a fun, enrichment and LOHAS way of achieving ideal weight through mind, body and spirit wellness.

- You will learn the powerful and useful techniques to manage your urge of over eating the unnecessary.

- Learn simple and easy to follow Four Golden Principles that allow you to eat and slim simultaneously.

- You are empowered so that you have the CHOICE to decide your weight.

- You will learn simple and useful Meridian Shower Massage. You will enjoy an easy, relaxing, soothing and healthier shower than usual. These make slimming and detoxification become default routine without much effort.

- You will learn basic, fun, practical and valuable know-how on Meridian Massage, Natural way to enhance your beauty and health. Our natural beauty comes from our strength of internal organ.

- You no longer have to spend thousands and thousands of dollar at the costly slimming centre again because you are empowered!

- Group support that speeds up your rate to success!

- Life long support to ensure you achieve what you can be.

Life Testimonial

"This is AMAZING to me because I normally gain weight during the festive season. I lost 1.5 kg and almost 2cm of waist line during the Chinese New Year period. I was able to enjoy my favorite food and slim down simultaneously!! Thanks to the golden rule I learnt from the Ultimate Weigth Loss Program" - Mr. Lim, Success Tree. 2 Feb 09

“I always avoid weight lost program because I dont’t like restricting diet or very routine workout. However, this method showed me that is an easier way and it works!! I was 64.5kg when I started the program and I lost 5kg automatically.” – Li Huan. 18 Apr 09

(Li Huan further reduced her weight automatically for another 2kg since then)

"I lost 2cm on my thigh area, it's so simple and easy just to follow the Four Golden Principles and the result comes naturally" - Miss Lee, Education trainer. 10 Mar 09

"It's amazing that I lost 1 inch within a week and I didn't control my diet or take slimming supplement.", Jewel, Nurse. 28 Aug 09.

For a limted time, this one full day workshop will be available for only $130.

Early bird registration: $90 (inclusive of notes, material, refreshment).

Twin pax registration: $80 per pax. (Limited seats)

Date : 7 November 2010
Time : 10am to 6pm
Venue : Beacon Lohas office
11 Sims Drive #03-04A
SCN Industrial Building

However, this is available for LIMITED SEATS ONLY, we can only cater for small class size for effective learning.

Check with us how you can attend this one day workshop at an incredible offer!

Junie (91734134) and Li Huan (90662770)

(Prices will be revised from 1 Jan 2011)