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LOHAS Digest 17 - A slimming story from Penang

This is a discussion on LOHAS Digest 17 - A slimming story from Penang within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi Mummy Just to share with you about this article about life story of slimming sustainably. Enjoy reading .... "Dear ...

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    LOHAS Digest 17 - A slimming story from Penang

    Hi Mummy

    Just to share with you about this article about life story of slimming sustainably.

    Enjoy reading....

    "Dear Friends of Beacon LOHAS,

    Have you MM lately?

    It has been very hazy lately. Do remember to practise LOHAS 1-to-5 to stay healthy.

    Why many people are having hard time to slim down?
    When I was in Penang one month ago, one of my childhood friends eagerly wanted to meet me. Upon meeting up, she noticed that I have changed so much. She mentioned that I looked more “glowing” and confident. Luckily, I didn’t meet her when I was overweight three years ago. The comment would be utterly different and hurting.

    From a social networking forum, she knew that I teach people how to stay slim easily and naturally. She has been trying to lose the extra kilos many ways all these years without results

    We met at nearby coffee shop and she shared about countless unsuccessful experience. Both of us dont’t like to consume pills or supplement. She had her fair share of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars (ringgit) on slimming product or health supplement her friend tried to push her.
    Of course, none of those worked well for her because the results (if any) were not sustainable. Not to mention those product are not cheap.

    As we talked, she asked me questions after questions with disbelief about techniques that I teach. For example, I dont’t encourage people on strict diet or running three times a week just for the purpose of losing weight.

    I shared with her many of my successful and not-so-successful experiences. I taught her some simple techniques that she can adopt in her lifestyle without scarifying her favourite food or putting up her running shoe. In fact, I discouraged her from running because her weight might cause more harm on her knee.

    As we talked further, I noticed some interesting behaviour of hers. No matter how simple and easy the method I tried to teach her, she will take the advice with hesitance or reply with a “But my situation is different…” or “I am not sure this will work for me…”.

    Suddenly, I stopped the discussion and asked her, “Can you tell me what is your slimming goal?”
    She was taken aback and paused for a few seconds then she replied “Arhh... urmm… err… If I can slim down a little bit I will be happy”
    I told her honestly that within an hour of conversation with her, I am most certain she will not achieve her slim figure because there are TWO main obstacles stopping her. These are the two most important things most people dont’t achieve their sliming goal.

    Firstly, she doesn’t have a CLEARLY DEFINED goal. As the saying goes, “cruise to nowhere, leads you to nowhere”. To her, slimming or lose weight is not on top of her mind.

    Secondly, she has many little voices in her mind. We call it non-supportive blueprint in our Autopilot Slimming Program. These voices are constantly sabotaging her from achieving what she truly wants.

    What she can consider doing was to find out the true reason she wants to stay slim. She need to aware and understand how her little voice had sabotage her all this 20 years.

    For those who had attended the Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop would know that we spend time helping them to discover the TRUTH and their TRUE reason why to stay slim and fit. As the saying goes, “the TRUTH will set you FREE.”
    FREE to do what? Free to amend the error (the extra kilos).

    A good test to know whether the reason is your TRUE REASON is by simply looking at your current results. If the results is not what you want, chances are you might want to spend more time discover the TRUTH.

    We also help participants discover and overcome the little voice that works against their goal. This is as important as the vital part to build a strong and tall building – the blueprint. Ultimate Slimming Intensive program produces sustainable result because it focus on the Mind-Body-Emotion balance and the blueprint is one component we work on the mind.

    Do remember to practise the four golden principles and you will see amazing results soon.

    We hope this information helps you to keep focus on your SUSTAINABLE HEALTH, including being slim and fit.

    Corporate Workshop
    We have conducted a few Happy and Healthy workshop for companies and kindergarten two weeks ago. It was encouraging to see the participants enjoy the health and happiness workshops.

    Do check out our latest photos at www.facebook.com/beaconlohas
    Strike a work-life balance with Meridian Health workshop.

    In our next up coming Meridian Massage Comprehensive Workshop, we will spend a little bit more meridian health for High Blood Pressure. Hope to see you there.

    Stay Healthy & Awesome
    Beacon LOHAS ~ your SUSTAINABLE HEALTH partner


    Some feedbacks/examples of our participants doing
    LOHAS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or ONE minute exercise-

    We received a call from Elisa last Monday. She shared with us how the LOHAS#1, Shen Men point has helped her to sleep better and also relieve her occasionally indigestion problem. She even recommeded her friend to attend our workshops."

    For your information, this is a monthly newsletter where there will be simple and effective health tips. If you like to receive this regularly, do email your name, email add and contact number to enquiry@beaconlohas.com and indicate that you like to receive Lohas Digest.
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