it all depends on how long the trip is gg to be..
lets say its the maximum timing, about 4 hours max.
i will time properly to make sure that pin drinks one btl of milk before we head out. ie, 1/2 hr before we head out.
i have one small bag that i put her milk powder (i bring 3 portions just in case), milk btl, water btl.(depending on where i go, if its malls which i know have nursery rooms, i wont bring hot water flask)
in my big diaper bag,
-4-5 pcs of diapers.
-2 hankies
-one set of extra clothes
-one pack of wetwipes
-one nappy cloth (as changing mat, cos my normal changing mat takes up alot of space)
-a small pouch with powder, nappycream n ruyi oil)
-one plastic bag for dirty clothes/hankies.

her receiving blankie will be inside her pram, so that also relieves the load.