Dear all mummies I need some help here. My son was in child care since jan 2013 . When every he come back from cc he will have mosquito bite on hand / feet. It will swollen and when we touch the bite is hard. I ask the teacher they say they bring to playground.. If all his class go and he didn't go , I feel so sad for him.. And he the one who's always kana the bite... ( sweet blood ) @@"
i already bought him the spray for teacher to spray. And also the mosquito patch to stick.
Still have bite.

Was intent to bring him for blood test..

Second thing is - since 3 month he is sleeping in sarong ( yaolan ) then till I give birth to my girl my in law make him sleep bed on night. Now sleeping with my in law. Then afternoon he still sleep sarong. He is that kind of light sleeper.. I try to make him sleep on bed for nap but fail. Till now 3 year old already. In cc he sleep on mattress but just 30-45min. Now he have panda eye !

Mummies please advice me what to do.. I feel so tired and stressful.