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My gal bites!

This is a discussion on My gal bites! within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi mummies, Recently, my 21mths gal started to bite my husband and me especially during play. She also started biting ...

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    Worthy Lady Julin's Avatar
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    My gal bites!

    Hi mummies,

    Recently, my 21mths gal started to bite my husband and me especially during play.
    She also started biting her classmates in child care.

    We had told her not to do so and explained the reason.
    She understand and agreed not to do it again. But she did it again in school.
    Teacher feedback that she will suddenly went up to her friend and bite her on her hand.
    We also realized that she is teething on her molar tooth.

    Is there any ways to teach on this biting behavior?

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    Pure Consort apollo's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
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    Re: My gal bites!

    my son used to bite us too. i think this is a passing phase that most toddlers will go thru. what we did was, tell him in a very FIRM way that he cannot bite anyone and after that he will stop biting us for awhile, like 1-2 days and start AGAIN! So we just keep repeating until he totally quit this habit. to him, biting is a way of 'playing' with us, he didnt know that it is wrong to bite, i think your girl thinks the same way too, so just keep reminding her that she shdnt bite anyone, biting is not part of 'playing' =)

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    Worthy Lady happymummyo7's Avatar
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    Re: My gal bites!

    Hahah! Agree with apollo, its a phrase that toddlers go through.
    I rmb when my boy first started his biting acts, i gave him a very kua zhang ouch n pretend to fall to the ground, he got a shocked! Told him its very very very painful. N ask him whether mummy bites him. I dont right. Cos biting is very painful n mummy dont want him to b painful. So can he bite mummy? He cannot. The next time he bite me, i gave him a light bite. Not the very hard till has mark kind but just hard enough for him to feel the impact. Then ask him if its painful n if he likes it. If he doesnt then he shdnt b doing it to others. The 3rd time before he starts i warn him no firmly. N remind him of the consequences - it is very very painful that mummy will cry. N remind him again we dont bite cos we dont want to 'make pple painful'.
    So far so good. He only bite classmate once only. Kana bitten 3-4 times though. Haha! One of my teaching method is let him have a 'taste of his own medicine'. Kids nowadays, you dont let them 'try it' very hard for them to 'know it'.

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    Imperial Concubine Amulet's Avatar
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    Re: My gal bites!

    for me, it's quite simple..

    we will 'tiak' her lips immediately if she bites us.. it hurts her and she will cry.. but less than 3 times, she learns her lesson and never bite anyone anymore..

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