lately i noticed my coming 1yr old son is always screaming & crying when he is at home, my guess is he wants attention, wants us to carry him.

i thought he might be bored at home, i brought him out for lunch with my family. halfway when my bro carry him, he screamed & cried, same goes to my parents, only when my husband carried him then he managed to calm down. then my dad tried to play with him then all the sudden he cry again! my husband explains to my family that my son might be teething & thus cranky. could my son be having separation anxiety ?

when we reached home, my son fell asleep while watching tv, i carried him back to his playpen to sleep. halfway through, he suddendly woke up screaming at the top of his voice! we were shocked & quickly calm him down. this happened three times this week & i suspect him having nightmare? sometimes middle of the night he also wakes up screaming loudly.

nowadays after his bath, he refused to let me clean him dry, will scream & cry & turn around on the bed. at times i get frustrated & will scold him but he dont't listen & scream even louder. now ive to get my husband to help me to dress him up.

i know there is terrible 2 but terrible 1? why is my son like that?