Hi pretty Mum, there, I bet you're wondering what I meant on helping on project.

Well, I'm a student of Ngee Ann Poly. We're doing a project on starting up a mothers' forum for singapore mothers. However, the response are not good and me and my group really needs more members.

I hope that you would help out in giving ideas on how can we improve the forums, or better still, share your experiences as a mother. We're now really desperate on finding members and I'm currently sending a private message one by one to each members in MummySg Forums and a few threads here.

I hope my hard work would pay off by seeing more members in the forums. The forums have only 12 members currently, excluding my project members.

I'm really out of my wits and therefore have to do this. The forum is really quiet now and really need chatty and active members. Just hope you'd be the one!

Sorry to take up so much of your time reading this thread. Really thank lots for your time, hope to see you in the forums!

This is the link for our forums: whitewings :: Index

And we hope you'd look at this thread to start off the discussion!
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