hi all, my friend send me a email on night cough rememdy, and i find it quite interesting and waiting to try it..if i unfortunately contacted with cough.
Thus will like to share it with you friends here.

1) rub generous amount of vicks on the feet and wear socks...helps to stop the night coughing for several hours....till the another round of cough starts...but it already helps your partner to get some sound sleep,without waking him/her up.

2) bake orange. Warm orange can soothe the itchy throat.
- peel off a portion of the orange skin at the top...(like you cutting the coconut top when you want to drink the water) so that the warm can go in when you bake it
- then put in the oven and bake till the top skin and orange looks a bit charred.
- peel the skin and eat it warm...the temperature inside the orange is just right...not too hot though.