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Night feeding

This is a discussion on Night feeding within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My baby is 12mths old and still wakes at night for milk. He sleeps at 9pm after milk, sometimes wake ...

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    Night feeding

    My baby is 12mths old and still wakes at night for milk. He sleeps at 9pm after milk, sometimes wake at 12am or 2am or 4am for milk. How to avoid this and let him sleep thru. Any suggestion?

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    Re: Night feeding

    Hi Alycia,

    I've heard from parents that it is a habit tht is difficult to break. They have tried feeding their babies solid food like cereals (mix with milk) instead of only milk before bedtime so that the fullness can last longer and hopefully baby will not wake up for a night feed.

    My boy started sleeping throughout the night when he was about 3 mths olds so I did not have the problem about night feed. But recently (since 13 mths old) he wakes up at 3-4 am every nite and wants a cuddle before he can get back to sleep because he sleeps in his own cot, in his own room. He is not hungry but just wants a cuddle and some comfort in the middle of the night. So we will jst carry him for a while and pat him back to sleep. Perhaps you can try patting your baby back to sleep instead of feeding him and see if that works.

    Yes, it is tiring waking up in the middle of the night... sigh...

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    Re: Night feeding

    My 22 month old recently keep waking up at 3am for milk...these few days we realized if we turn on the air con she actually sleeps thru the night. Probably the hot weather is making her thirsty and uncomfortable.

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    Re: Night feeding

    Just read a bit of a book the other day, 47% of toddlers will wake up at least once during the night and will need a parent to help resettle them. It seems it is normal for them to wake up during the night.

    My 25 month old sometimes wakes during the night. It isn't a problem for us so one if us will go and cuddle him back to sleep, usually hubby as my 3 month old baby needs milk during the night.

    I reckon give them what they need at night, they'll grow out of it eventually and you'll miss those night cuddles

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