Allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Michael, I live in the netherlands, I'm the father of two boys, which of the first one I and my wife made when she was barely 16.

I acknowledge my error in such, since I was then the adult and she was the child. We differ 7 years in age.
Since I got my wife pregnant our relationship has been off and on, due to ourself and her father, who opposed our relationship, which led to a lot of off and ons.

In the end my wife dared to say to her father enough is enough and she chose to live with me because she loves me more than anything, which we are very happily doing right now, we have a beautifull house, a beautifull second child and we are very happy.

There is only one thing though that is really a letdown, my wife was able to finish the dutch equivalent of high school, only a follow up study wasn't possible because of our child which needed taking care of, a fresh marriage, and not knowing what she'd want to study.

Now my wife has gotten hold of something she's really passionate about, she wants to become a doula. A concept very common aparently in other countries than the netherlands, but very rare in the netherlands itself. There are only 76 certified doulas in the netherlands on a population of 16 million(almost 17).

The only problem is that the study with teaching aids and practical help costs about 2000 euros plus travel expenses, and that is above our budget because we cannot afford the fuel and a car or public transport. And beaucouse it's such a small schooling program, it's not eligible for a goverment grant.

So a beautifull opportunity appeared in the netherlands, a job agency is giving a budget of a maximum of 50.000 euro's away to realise one's ambition.

So we entered, and we managed with a lot of day and night effort to enter and reached the top, along with a lot of other people who had a presonal ambition.
Only in the last 3 days a lot of charities stormed the top like it was nothing, charities who want money to give away free pies to the needy, to fund a website that already exists, to pay for artists to sing for the needy and such.

So the people with a personal ambition have been all but kicked out except for us, we hold barely on to the ninth place, and there are only nine places to give out.

I have taken my wifes future with a proper education away by making her a teenage mom, and it keeps me awake and feeling guilty.

That is why I come to you, to ask for your help, to help us vote, so I can give my wife now the future she wants, instead of in 20 years when our children have left the house.
http://go.to/ambitie and click on the button called "stem" and vote with your twitter and/or facebook account.

please, I need every vote I can get for my wife, help me to give my wife the future she wants now, instead of over 20 years.

Please help a man who has made an error long time ago who doens't want his wife to pay.

If you have any questions, please ask.