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pls help.....

This is a discussion on pls help..... within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; hi mummies, any mummies choose similac for your newborn? how much did your newborn drink? now my baby is 3weeeks ...

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    Worthy Lady joanneang's Avatar
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    pls help.....

    hi mummies,

    any mummies choose similac for your newborn? how much did your newborn drink? now my baby is 3weeeks now, and i given him 120ml with 2 spoon of milk powder every 3 hrly,but the doc say its too much for a 3weeks old baby, so she ask me to give him 100ml the most. but i give my boy 100ml with 1 n the half spoon of milk powder, is it correct? cos the similac milk powder cann oni indicated from 1 month start is to given 120ml 2 spoon of milk powder.when when i start given my boy 100ml with 1 n the half tea spoon of milk powder, he seem not enough,sumtime he will cry for milk early(2hr). everytime i fed him ,he will fall asleep ,but everytime when i start changing his pamper ,he will start to awake,n i have to start carry him untill he fall asleep. i have to start changing his pamper when he wake up for milk,after feeding he will fall asleep,but if i change his pamper after his feeding, he will start awake ,n i have to cari n walk around the whole house for awhile n sumtimes have to cari him till his next feeding(2hrs) ...

    how many times does your newborn poo poo? is it alot? my boy poo poo around 3 to 4 times a days,i scared my boy tummy not feeling well,is it normal to poo so many times a day??

    pls help.....

    pls help.....

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    Re: pls help.....

    You can use this formula to see if your baby is drinking enough over 24 hours when he is on an all-milk diet.

    Lower limit: 150ml x weight of baby in KG
    Upper limit: 200ml x weight of baby in KG

    As long as your baby is feeding between the lower and upper limit in 24 hours, you are feeding enough.

    3-4 times poo is normal as long as the poo is seedy and not watery. You can refer to website below to see if it is diarrhea or not.
    Diaper Decoder - Stool Types, Baby Poop, Poop Colors & Abnormal Stool - Tips & Advice - Similac

    You can use other things to entertain your baby when he is awake other than carrying him. You can use a play gym or a mobile to capture his attention, or even bring him down for a stroll in the pram.

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    Re: pls help.....

    i think what your baby drinking is alright. when dear son was 3 week old he also drink 120ml every 2hr, sometimes even 1.5 hours.

    i asked his pediatrician before, when he was that age. he said as long as he didnt vomit (as in merlion type), is okay. every baby is diffe, some need to drink more while some drink slightly lil.

    as for the poo issue, dear son poo 6-7x per day during 1st month. as they grow older, they poo lesser.

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    Pure Consort Ting's Avatar
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    Re: pls help.....

    ok what. pin drinks 90-100 ml every 2hrs arnd that age.
    as long they dont throw up, i dont see whats the problem here??
    whatever that is on the books or internet is just a guideline.

    if you r hungry n your mum only give you half a bowl of rice cos she feels you eat too much, will you ask for more? -.-"
    regards to the poo issue: pin poos almost every every feed. 3-4 times is not alot.

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