Can mummies share with me your toddler's sleeping schedule? Im trying to sleep train my girl(17mths now) but wondering if im expecting too much of her.. here is her schedule

(milk) sleep 930pm
wakes up at 630-7am for first feed
wake up for the day around 930am
** after her morning feed, she keeps waking for milk every 30mins to 1 hr... i doubt its due to hunger..

im trying to change her schdeule to
(milk) sleep 930pm
wake up for milk 8am
wake up for the day at 930am
** im trying not to give her milk when she wakes up after the first milk feed since im sure she isnt hungry..

im wondering if im being realistic? when she wakes up at 630am and start to cry, i dont give her milk she keeps crying.. then makes me wonder what if she is really hungry.. but then.. at her age, expecting her to go till 8am for her first feed is it too much?? im not too sure if i should just give her milk at 630am or continue to let her cry... ive been at it for 3 mornings but now a bit shaken... hehe.