hi mommies, just want to hear some opinions from you if your baby has a very short attention span. how do you cope with it? can you share any tips to cope with it or teach your kid to have longer attention span?

my 11 month old boy gets easily bored with everything. from his normal baby toys to unusual things around the house. sometimes when i watch other kids around his age, they can sit nicely in a stroller with hands holding a toy or just watch the surroundings. my baby will never sit still. even meal time now is like a battle, he gets super jumpy, a few minutes he wants to eat on the high chair, the next minute he wants to move to his playing mat, and so on.. then when it's playing time, he won't be occupied with a toy for more than a few seconds.

i just had a chat with his pg teacher actually, she said it's normal for kids his age to be very very curious about things. some kids are just born with high curiosity. then she said it's fine to let him explore the things as much as he wishes to and not to train him to have longer attention span. my worry is - will he be able to focus when he starts learning more things that he really needs to later on if i dont't train him from now on?