1)Breastfeed Your Baby - Breast milk is the best brain food for newborns, as it is an excellent source of neuronutrients. Studies reported that increased duration of breastfeeding is associated with an increase in both verbal and performance IQ scores 1, 2 .

2) Offer a Healthy Well-Balance Diet Variety is the cornerstone to healthy eating. Eating a variety of foods both within and among food groups is the surest way of ensuring that your child obtains all the neuronutrients needed for optimal brain development.

3) Do NOT Restrict Fat at a Young Age Fat and cholesterol are needed for proper brain development and function. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that we do not restrict fat intake for children below two years of age.

4) Start the Day with a Good Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It replenishes blood sugar levels of the brain and this helps to improve mental performance. Skipping breakfast on the other hand, results in hunger and low blood sugar levels that lead to poor performance of tasks that need concentration. Examples of a hearty breakfast are a bowl of cereals with milk or a glass of milk and some home-made banana pancakes.

5) Offer A Bedtime Snack to Promote Sleep Getting adequate and quality sleep is crucial to everyone, especially children; sleep is needed for the body to repair and rest, as well as to promote release of human growth hormone, essential for physical and brain growth and development.
Bedtime snacks such as a glass of milk plus some cereals or a sandwich help to induce sleep.