Dear mummies,

I am a first time mum to a 19 month old boy. I have been sticking to a regular routine for him since he turned 1. His bedtime is between 7.30-8pm but he doesn't sleep through the night no matter how early or late he goes to bed.

He will usually wake up sometime between 11pm-1am and only sleep when carried and drinking some warm water. He is taking a 2hr nap at around 10-11am daily. Then I will keep him up all day until his bedtime.

Any mummies can advise if the routine I have set for him is appropriate for his age? Is his night waking due to hunger or he is overtired? (I have tried giving him 2 naps and he ended up sleeping at 12am at night)

I have also heard that Chinese sinseh can do tui na for them which can improve their sleep? Have any mummies tried it? Would love to hear your recommendations