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Torn between CCC or Playschool

This is a discussion on Torn between CCC or Playschool within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi, My son is currently 17 month old. I've been a stay at home mum so far. I may go back to work ...

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    Worthy Lady megtan's Avatar
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    Torn between CCC or Playschool

    My son is currently 17 month old. I've been a stay at home mum so far. I may go back to work after he turns 2.

    Currently I'm really torn between sending him to 1/2 day child care (drop off) or 1.5hr Playschool (accompanied).

    He's very active and curious with short attention span, and very bored at home. I've been trying my best to engage him with games, books, toys but there is this much I can do at home with him. The worse is he refuses to let me do a bit of my own things like prepare lunch or some chores. I have to play/be with him all the time. If not, he'll cling onto my legs and scream/cry till I give my full attention to him. This is really frustrating for me. I try to complete everything while he naps but he's dropping his morning nap, which means I can't prepare lunch (for him and me) at all.

    So far, have been accompanying him to Julia Gabriel (twice a week) and mygym (once a week). He's very happy at both places, can just leave me and wander off to play on his own, unlike at home. I also like them as the teachers are very energetic and highly engaging with fun-filled activities. But the distance is too far and very taxing on me in the long run. And it still doesn't solve my problem of unable to do some chores or prepare meals.

    So now, I'm really considering my options. Do I remain at playschool with him? Or do I enrol him in 1/2 day CC, so that at least I could complete some chores/prepare meals in the morning and have some me-time too?

    The thing is CCC is very different from playschool. Teachers are more of caregivers; although there is a routine, there are lots of downtime i.e. waiting, as the teachers have to attend to the needs of every child. My son would probably be so bored during downtime. I like it that he will learn to be more independent, but I'm also worried that he'll not learn as much as at playschool where teachers/activities are more engaging/highly energised.

    I have thought of those 2hr unaccompanied playgroup, but there is none near my place. The nearest is 20 min travel, which means 2hr not enough time for me.

    CCC - he learns to be independent, I can do a bit of my things, more of caregiver, less learning.
    Playschool - more engaging/energised/fun, taxing on me to accompany him.

    Can any parents shed some light?

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    Pure Consort apollo's Avatar
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    Re: Torn between CCC or Playschool

    If you confirm will be going back to work, I think can send your son to CC 1st and let him get used to the environement there. But if most probably you will be stay at home mum until he is much more older, I think PG is good enough. I personally didnt send my 2yo to any PG or enrichment, will be sending him to N1 next year. =)

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