Hi all,

I am just curious to know if training pants (the non-disposable ones, those that work like an underwear with some light protection) are necesaary/useful for toddlers who are already toilet trained?

My son is already toilet trained and will be in nursery soon. He can signal when he needs to go to the toilet. He uses disposable diapers when he sleeps but doesn't use any during the day when he is awake. My questions are:

1) Since he will going to nursery, would it be necessary to use training pants/toddler underwear? I'm just afraid of "accidental spills" when the teachers dont't get his toilet cue and he may end up soiling the place. But so far, there is only very few "spillage accidents" at home.
2) How do you train your child not to wet his bed when he sleeps if he is no longer in diapers?

Thanks for your input.