My Daughter is 2 years old there is a new replacement teacher in her class and now she is afraid to go to school. There have been several incidents that I reported to the school's Head of Centre. 1. the new teacher refused to shake hands with me when the current form teacher introduce her to me and the other parents. She walked away from us with her heads held high. 2. she speaks with a filipino accent but the Head of Centre said she herself is from India too. 3. one parent observed that the new teacher was always idling in a chair while 2 of the class teachers were busy handling and facilitating activites with the toddlers. The tots were climbing, fighting over toys and running onto each other in the playground. 4. the new teacher didnt greet or engage conversations with any children when they turn up for their daily class & at the assembly. She was seated whole week at the assembly and display no interest in any of the children. It was always a stern look. The other teachers would play and talk to the kids before their class starts. daughter told me she has tummy pain in the playground that day and had cried but no teachers came to pick her up. 6. on Parents day, I spoke to the Princilpal about my observation of the new teacher, and proposed the installation of cctv to monitor alll future new teachers' interaction with these children. She laughed it off saying nothing has and will happened here. We are a prestigious school and is very good at what we do. coincidentally on that frightful friday, my daughter said the new teacher hit her classmate's on the head. He cried and she cried too. Then she showed me where she was hit on the forehead too. It was slightly bruised. 7. another classmate told his mommy that the new teacher is always tired. She sits and yawn. 8. since that friday incident, my daughter would cry and refuse to get ready for school 9. just last friday, two of us mommies decided to inform the principal that we would like to pull our daughters out from the new teacher's class since there hasnt been any improvement from her interactions with the toddlers. The Head of Centre was informed too as we thought she needs to be aware too. To my horror, my daughter started crying and complained about pain in the ear upon seeing me when I came to pick her up. I noticed her left ear was swollen and red. She cried herself to sleep as I need to drive her home. Awoke, she continued to complaint about pain in the ear. I tried many ways to pacify till she finally say new teacher bring her and her classmate to the changing toilet, closes the door and twist twist their ears. She cannot say cannot say. Teacher say to zip up her mouth. Cannot tell mama or will get this again. When asked to show what new teacher did, she twisted her ear & cried and then roughed her own face with both hands. I was more convinced that the new teacher had really abuse my daughter and the other classmate when the other girl had also cried complaining about pain in the other ear at her home. She only cries saying cannot say the new teacher is bad is naughty. She also has two fingernail cuts on one side of her face. Their form teacher had also confirmed that the new teacher had taken the two girls to the toilet just before class ends. They were in the toilet for around 15 minutes but new teacher reason was the girls were pooing. I have reported the incident to the police and hospital as suc horrific act is classified as violence to harmless children. I would like the school to step up on their character evaluation of the teachers as well as improve on escalating parents feedback seriously such as that of installing cctv and parents review on staffs and teachers service.

10. Although I have a police report, the police would need to investigate into the incident. Yesterday morning, we went to the principal office and informed her of our police reports. She was more concern about what we would do next then telling us what she should be assuring us of. The investigating officer gave her a call to tell her that the new teacher needs to be kept away from the victimised toddlers. Although the principal did as was told, I was more appalled when the principal said she had notify the new teacher that she will be interviewed by the police the next day. That gave the new teacher a whole free day to think of ways to lie and story tell since she is an adult. 11. The Head of Centre was also seen rounding up the other teachers after class dismissal which seemingly was warning them not to share any incidents with all the parents but to let her handle them.

I would really need every mommies and daddies support to have the authorities step up and assure the nursery toddlers a more comprehensive protection against all care takers, I) a character evaluation, II) professional reference review and also III) enforced cctvs. I would appreciate any other advice and suggestion that relevant authorirs should look into.