Aiya normal. . Say like very easy for mi. . Hahaha. .

I use mim sling, bjorn synergy, sleepy wrap before n now using pongae carrier. .

Dont care about his feeling lsh. just dump him into one that makes mi carry him comfortabily can . Mim use when he was 6 mths very one side shoulder very pain so gave bck to sister In law.

Bjorn use from nb til 6mths coz after that cannot tahan his weight on both shoulder. Carry him until blue black.

Sleep wrap borrow frm sister use a few mths after that her child is born. Quite like it.

Now using pongae. . Its similar design to ergo carrier with the weight goes to hip. Can i can backpack him. So not that strainful.

Nowadays seldom use carrier . Ask him walk. Haha. . I tell him you grow legs to walk. . Tired then mummy carry awhile. never walk i will chop yr legs off n you can seat stroller all the way. So he scared. Lolx. . Evil mummy.