My son is coming to 11 months. Since birth, he has been sleeping in his baby cot. I sleep in the same room with him in a super single bed for ease of nursing and tending him at night and also no need to disturb hubby.

Recently, he refused to sleep in his cot anymore. The moment I put him in, he will stand up and cry even though he has fallen asleep/sleepy/about to sleep. So I let him sleep on my bed (co-sleep). At first only night time, but after a few nights, even day time naps he also didn't want to sleep in his cot.

Is this just a passing phase (sleep separation anxiety)? My son toss and turn a lot (during those brief waking moments) during sleep, could it be the cot too small for his comfort? Should I try to put him back to his cot or just let him sleep with me? I'm worried it might become habit that he wants to sleep with me. Or should I get a separate mattress to let him sleep, then slowly let him sleep alone?

One good thing is, he sleeps much better ever since co-sleeping. Used to wake up 3-4 times a night to nurse or cry for pacifier. Now he wakes up only once to nurse and otherwise sleep through. Even if he wakes up, he can self-soothe back to sleep.