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To continue working or convert PT?

This is a discussion on To continue working or convert PT? within the Stay at Home or Work at Home Mum Club forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Hi Mummies, i've tendered my resignation to be a stay at home mum but then my resignation was rejected by my HR manager.. ...

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    Worthy Lady Jmumi's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
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    To continue working or convert PT?

    Hi Mummies,

    i've tendered my resignation to be a stay at home mum but then my resignation was rejected by my HR manager.. saying that one should not totally leave the workforce..it will be hard if i will want to look for another job.

    The reason for me to resign is i want to totally concentrate on taking care of my boy. he's 7mths,2wks old. I love to be at home with him.. My husband also agrees that i should fully concentrate on taking care of him.

    She is offering me part time basis till i'm ready to come back to full time.. the timing is odd cos of my customer location, 6.30pm - 11pm. So i will have the whole day with my boy & my husband usually reaches hme by 6pm. But if i take on the part time basis, will it defeat the purpose of resign to fully take care of my boy?

    What does you all think? Should i just resign & stay on as pt time. Of cos if i stay on as pt, my salary will be half of what i'm taking home now. i will still get AWS & annual leave but all will be pro-rated.

    let me know your views...THANKS!

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    Worthy Lady mackin's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Pasir Ris
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    Re: To continue working or convert PT?

    I understand how you feel jmumi. I was in your position 3 yrs ago. However i chose to quit. As what you say, it will defeat your purpose...if your son is older that shld be fine if you convert to PT however now he's still a baby...they still need to be care of even at that hour. My hubby told him at that point.....money cant weigh everything compare to the growing period of our kids. Once we miss their first walk, first talk and all their first means we will miss it forever however for job...we can still look for one later.
    Till today, I shld I've made the right choice of leaving my job to take care of my son. I've recorded down when he said his first word, crawl, walk, run etc. And I'm happy everyday to discover new things together with him.
    You can find some home base job to do while you take care of him at the same time. Like me, I'm working home base and at the same time still able to take care of him.
    Hope this will help you.
    Take care.

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    Consort-in-Ordinary snowbear's Avatar
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    May 2008
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    Re: To continue working or convert PT?

    Jmumi, my boss also offered me part-time but I chose to be a stay at home mum instead coz i also didn't want to miss out on my baby growing up... anyway, there's no one else who can help take care and i'd have to send her to infant care if i work part-time and we're really not in favour of that...

    I think you can find a job a few years later but once you've missed your child's growing up years they're gone...

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    Imperial Concubine Catty's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
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    Re: To continue working or convert PT?

    It all depends on your financially, if your financially allow than why not? But still need to bear in mind that once you've decided to quit your jobs to be a perm stay at home mum hope you won't regret and think of going back to work again in near future..

    As for me, now currently a temp stay at home mum as i've got retrench by my company due to company is not doing well.. I've got no choice as my financially dont't allowed me to be a stay at home mum and now finding a job is not that easy no matter you have experience or certificate a not.. ALL happens to sudden till i and my husband was shocked, now everywhere is retrenching people..

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    Worthy Lady
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    Aug 2009
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    Re: To continue working or convert PT?

    Actually no harm trying out part time to see if it is suitable. You can always tender if you decide that it is not a good arrangement. I did alot of travelling in my previous job, and I asked to resign, the boss came up with the idea of a part time job, problem was, it paid $8/hour only! So I guess it was a no brainer that it is a better idea to resign. In a way, I think your company is not bad, at least they offer you half pay.

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