We are an educational company specialising in Primary-level English enrichment services and resources. (www.creative-ed.net)

Currently, we are looking for home-based part-time staff to call student care centres and tuition centres to promote our programme package:

  • Ask if they are keen to receive our programme flyer via email
  • Follow-up to arrange for an appointment on behalf of our programme specialist.

We provide:

  • standard reply templates and opening lines
  • FAQ

As we have kept the work in-house for quite awhile, we are quite aware that most of the work lies in the follow-up as the staff will revert to their principals / bosses before they decide on an appointment. Due to our industry, the general reception is often cordial hence the expected lack of courtesy to such calls is kept to a minimal.

We are looking for:

  • Female staff who are free to call in the late mornings to early afternoons (weekdays).
  • Fluent in English
  • Singaporeans and PRs only.
  • hourly basic ($7/hour) + incentives ($40 / confirmed appointment)

Please email to admin@creative-ed.net with the subject heading (PensAway: home-based part time staff) your basic information to facilitate further correspondence, thank you.