Hi Mummy,

As mothers, we all understand that many mums want to be able to work from home, so they can spend more quality time with their new born and take good care of their family. With this dream, many actually started online retail business on kids fashion, something close to their heart.

My partner and I have been coaching mums who want to start their own home business.

Our mission is to help all women realize their dreams to be able to earn a decent income and have the flexibility to care for their family from home. We have been coaching women how to set-up a home-based body slimming spa or facial spa, where they can do the business on a part-time basis or full-time. Some of the mummies were also able to do home visit service for their clients.

1. Fast start-up
2. Low investment start-up cost
3. Own time own target, part-time or full-time
4. Flexibility to take care of your family from home
5. Unlike retail, no need to keep stocking on the latest trend and have leftover stock, ie. fashion
6. Full training, you will be up and running business in 2 weeks and receive continues support
7. Keep yourself beautiful while making extra source of income

If you are open to explore the possibilities, you can call me at 81818669 and we can meet-up sometime next week.

If you are not keen to do the business but would like to try our facial service ($25 you.P. $62.50), you can also call me.

Cheers and have a good week ahead