I'm a full time working mum, with hopes of being a stay at home mum\WAHM. But lots of scam in
the internet world on home based business/job etc, thus I thought might as well start it
myself. By joining the contest (prizemoney 10K) , will have the capital :-) .
Detail at this website http://www.startup.org.sg

I hope to gather all interested full time working mum\stay at home mum\WAHM and make it works!
For those interested, please email me at mk1777z@yahoo.com. I would prefer those stay
in the west so that we can meet easily.
In your email, please include your experience, skillset,what you strong at etc...( eg marketing, business backgroud)
and we see how we can fit in. It would be best we have team members with different skillset,talent and work together
to achieve best result.

Please gone/read thru the weblink I provided so that you know the expectation.