Just wanted to say hi and also direct you to a site that has worked for myself

At one time I had a fruitful full-time job and a flexible part-time job that I could put in extra time almost any time I needed to. My wife and I just recently moved into a town-home that we are buying and every penny that we make plays a gigantic roll in our finances. Before our move, we lived in apartments that were a breeze to afford. Now the energy bill alone is almost 35% of what we use to pay for rent. Its a struggle to break those spending habits that we once had when we had more money to play with, now there is little or no play.
We also have a family that is inevitably, growing faster than I can perceive too. Every time I turn around we have to update the wardrobes of all three of our children. It just doesn't let up. Seasonal changes, sports, special occasions, birthdays, gifts for Christmas, so on and so on. Also with owning a home, when maintenance issues arise whose responsible to fix the problems? You, as the homeowner. When you have to do pluming work your going to wish that you had a landlord to take care of that. All things considered, our life was maintainable financially when the money was coming in as planned, but what ever goes according to plan. Nothing at all.
The hours at both of my jobs began to decrease. Meaning the option to try and make up the time I was losing at my full-time job, with my all so flexible part-time job, was no-longer available. Things on my end were coming short fast. My wifeís jobs was holding up. She began covering shifts for her co-workers that may have called in or needed the day off. The time we spent together minimized drastically. We both had begun to get stressed from our situation. Frustrated by not having the time and money that we needed. It felt like we were only working to stay behind.
Most of my downtime was spent on my computer updating my resumes and applying for other jobs. Not too many places were hiring, and those that were hiring didnít pay as well and a taking a pay cut was completely out of the question. A few jobs were okay but the scheduling was conflicting with my wifeís schedule, causing us the need to rotate in a sitter and at the moment that wasnít what we needed either. We needed something that would make us more money, or get us back to where we once were.
Putting our heads together, we conjured the idea to work from home. Given the time and effort it would take to find another job, we decided that while we are doing so, we could also make some headway in other areas. I searched ďonline jobsĒ on the internet. I came across so many sites that were appealing but seemed like scams. Amongst those I found Legit Online Jobs. The freedom and simplicity was exactly what I was looking for. The thought of extra income without sitter fees is brilliant. I still work both of my jobs as they are still slow, but my wife doesnít have to pick up shifts anymore, and Iím strongly considering cutting my two jobs down to one. We now see definite potential, I never thought of working strictly from home until now. All that it took was the efforts of what were already there, and as a team are sharing the rewards, making up on lost time and looking towards a brighter future.