Hi mummies,

Recently, one of the mummies post threads which links to the online survey which claims to be able to earn you some money. Not sure if this would actually converts into cash but I have some experience to share with you if you wish to try:

Sg iPanel Online Survey

After you have register, do not attempt the survey first, but go to the following:
1) Today‘s topic - Post something here. (There are 5 topics, just post something on each topic will earn you some points)

2) Surveys - You can only attempt each survey once, so attempt them carefully.
Short surveys with low points - These surveys will only get you the stated points and you can proceed to complete them without any hesitation

Long surverys with high points - There's a catch here. Although the listed points are high, but it does not guarantee that you will get all those points. I have tried to complete them in less a minute (by selecting none of above/not interested/etc ) and those only return me 5 - 10 points. The way to get the full points are to be interested in everything or have done everything.

These long survey questions are inter-dependent so in order to triggle most of the questions, you have to be "interested". As long as you are able to complete most of the questions, then you would be able to get most of the points.

Cash exchange - Paypal
There's a catch in paypal. Withdrawal below $200 will impose an admin fee ... so mummies beware. (Not an issue for me as I will use those $5 - $10 dollars for Ebay purchases)

If you are interested, just click my link and join me
And yes, its my referral link to the ipanel website. Referral will gain you points.