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Phonics Training Course for MUMMIES

This is a discussion on Phonics Training Course for MUMMIES within the Stay at Home or Work at Home Mum Club forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Hi, I 'm an experienced pre-school teacher now stay at home mum. My kids are both 4 and 8 yrs old now. I ...

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    Phonics Training Course for MUMMIES

    Hi, I'm an experienced pre-school teacher now stay at home mum. My kids are both 4 and 8 yrs old now. I started doing playgroup style cum phonics teaching with them when they were 2/3 yrs old. Both started reading elementary books and able to spell many words by age 3.

    Many parents sent their kids to phonics at the age of 4 and some kids at age 5 still unable to spell or read well. In fact, once a week phonics class is not enough. At least twice a week to reinforce the phonics learnt is more effective. Giving toddlers early exposure to phonics with effective material and fun lesson plan is beneficial. My girl loves reading and without tuition and the need to do assessment book, she's the top scorer for English in P1. Her strong English foundation would not be possible if i did not expose her to phonics at an early age. There are many phonics material sold in bookstores and internet but many are not interesting. The one i have is used by a popular playgroup and my 2 kids love it and listen to it many times which shows that the phonics material used is effective.

    For children below 5 yrs old, regardless of whether they attend playgroup, it is beneficial to teach them phonics yourself. Thus, I have started a training course to Mummies who wants to teach phonics to their kids in an effective fun way themselves. The phonics session you do with your child will also comprise of letter introduction, words, craft, songs and rhymes. It’s an all rounded fun lesson for your child and he will definitely learn one thing or another. It’s also good bonding time with your child and for those with siblings, it’s even better and fun to do it together. Detailed lesson plan and prepared craft materials will be included. I will teach in detail hand actions on songs and rhymes as well as ideas on art and craft to make the whole teaching session meaningful. In this phonics training course, you will be taught basic phonics comprise of consonants and vowels for kids upto 4 yrs old.

    Course Details as follows:-
    - 7 Session Training Course
    - Once a week, 1.5 - 2 hours
    - $350 (including lesson plans and about 60 craft materials)
    - Payment mode : Each session $50/- in advance only
    - Phonics Book and CD to be purchased at $22/set
    - Location: Sembawang (very near MRT)

    So far the mummies who completed this Phonics Training Course found that the fee is value for money due to the fully prepared craftworks (about 60 of them) that are creative and excellent. They liked the phonics CD set very much as it is simple yet catchy and found it interesting to incorporate meaningful lesson plan and phonics together. Kids won't get bored or 'being forced to learn' this way. They found the tips on reading and teaching very useful to help their kids learn spelling and reading. The mummies also agree that it allows them to bond with their kids yet they are really learning at the same time. Some mummies had started teaching their children and their kids enjoyed it and they saw their kids responding to the teaching. There are mummies who stayed very far like in Queenstown and Bedok yet they dont't mind the distance. There's even a Primary school and Secondary school teacher (her daughter just withdrew from Shichida) attending this course . One mummy wrote that this course is a 'life-saver' to her as it is what she had wanted to teach her child. Overall feedback on the course has been very good. All these feedback can be read during the first training session.

    - 10 Jan 2011, every Monday at 9.30 am
    - 15 Jan 2011, every Saturday at 10.30 am
    - There's a request to start a class on TUESDAY OR THURSDAY at 11.30am

    Feel free to email me at jannalin_mrc@hotmail.com if you are interested to know more about the course. Thank you.

    "The Key to Early Reading and Spelling is to start EARLY"
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