Hi, my friends works in this new start-up company.
(It is a very young group, your join will be a big encouragement to them)

It is a new platform,where you can earn money when people download the app from link you shared.
The platform is called "Sharepop"

step1: create an account with your mail address in 10 sec
step2: generate a unique sharing link for each app!
step3: share the link to your family/friends (or EVEN YOURSELF!!) on different channels, such as facebook or messengers(lines/whatsapp)

Once people install the app through link you have shared, you will get coins on Sharepop.
5,000 coins equals 50 SGD!
(in ave, every download equals 0.7~1.2 SGD!!) (The apps are all free, but if you download through the link, you will get paid)

Even you install the app to your own device is calculated!
You can share the link to your family/friends through messenger or any place!

pOINT: Conversion means "download"+"open the app once"

try it!!
I think it's suitable for people want to make little money during their odd time!