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This is a discussion on 'SEASONED' SAHMs within the Stay at Home or Work at Home Mum Club forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Originally Posted by diymummy Think all you stay at home mum are really great. I wish I had the guts ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by diymummy View Post
    Think all you stay at home mum are really great. I wish I had the guts to be a stay at home mum. Hehehe. Thumbs up to all of you!
    Thanks diymummy! It's really not easy being a stay at home mum but I think it's really worth it!

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    [quote=sgjsmum;123114]Any Sahms that have been managing the household and kids without a maid for many years by now?
    Yup..me 8 yrs already man..hmmm..no maid no help n now 3 kids
    How do you manage boredom? The housework never seems to end. At times I do feel it is such a 'waste' to stay at home for so many years.
    I dont really get bored as there is tonnes to do.I can be quite a cleanaholic.Or i spend my time reading(while feeding baby milk..hehhe),watch tv n then i take out my kids alot.Sometimes i go to the movies or clubbing etc.
    Do your hbs show appreciation and affection openly or has been taking you for granted over the years?
    Ya he knows i rule the house.Everything!Fr kids schools to finances..his job is to work bring home the bacon n when he comes back fr work,help with household chores n spend time with kids.He is quite a homebody who likes cooking n stuff so he likes it.I am good at planning n organising.Different areas so we make the best of it.

    Do you feel like reverting back to working society at time but feeling anxious?
    hmmm.havent really given a thought.But given my personality i adapt pretty easily so i wldnt worry my head about it.When it comes to the bridge i will cross it.

    Do you feel unbalanced at times when pple deem whoever bringing back the bacon as more respectable, more say?
    Ya they dare say tht to me i will kick them to the moon..hahhah.
    I run my household well.N since i do the finances as well i am the BOSS!Pple never do say tht about me.They know i am well educated n tht i am looking after kids on my own.More than often i get more respect.

    Do you feel that being at home, it means everything needs to be handled by us definitely as 'we are the one staying at home what!'??
    Nope.Housework shared between me n family.We all have different areas tht we r "in charge " of at home so its all well.

    Dont feel sad .I understand it can be difficult at times.Do wht makes you happy.Its not all fun n games staying at home.No fixed eating time.Continuous stuff to be done etc.. but imagine this..without you doing all tht the house will be in chaos!you r the queen of the house..rule the way you deem fit..cheer up!!
    Mother to 2 princes and 1 little princess

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    Smile Re: 'SEASONED' SAHMs

    Quote Originally Posted by lollipopglory View Post
    im a stay at home mum for the past 10 years. when my girl turns 4, i quit my job to look after her. as i cant trust my mother in law!! But Im started to feel bored nowsaday. My girl grown up and Im so sian staying at home...But still prefer to be A stay at home mum rather to go out to work again.hehehe. Try to find more friends, tats why im joining this site. but i find that alots of mummy here hving babies instead of teenage.
    Hi, I am a full stay at home mum for around 7 years. Before that, I work short-term or contract base, then when my second dear daughter around 1 i quit my job. I have 4 children age 11,8,5 and 2. I also have a maid to assist me when i do all the bringing and fetching of my children going n back from school etc. Life is very busy for me. I do sometimes surf the net, watch some drama series from internet whenever all my children sleep. Just to -stress, and relax.

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