Hi mommies out there,

How have motherhood been? Challenging & rewarding i would say.

Im 2012 mommy to a 17mths old girl. Used to have decent income and tour round the world before give birth.
Currently still staying home and looking after her.

I realised we as mom needs the extra energy and vitality to really look after them. Moreover I'm the only sole caregiver, so i tell myself i cant afford to fall ill, or else who gonna care for her?
Of course skin condition also lacks the nutrients due to "no time" to maintain, haha.

I was recently introduced by a group of moms on this product which gives good testimonials.
I told myself, why not give it a try.
after all , products are available in the market meant for consumers and with constant changing technology, THIS is the new breakthrough to improve our health, RENEW, REBUILD, REPAIR & AGE GRACEFULLY!

A lot of people will be turned off after hearing MLM, but hey, there are still people using their products and feel good! DSA is still gonna be in market.

I wanna ensure things that im sharing to my close friends or to any one, are safe to use & consume.

Therefore it is very important that i'll be the guinea pig first.
Just spare some timeframe to try, if you like it, continue on!

If you dont't, there are still a wide choice of other products in market.
If you like to grow from there, get involved in their compensation plan.

Otherwise, just be a regular consumer to enjoy purchasing at wholesale price.

This is an anti aging serum called LUMINESCE and a fruity anti-oxidant gel drink RESERVE.

Both the products are from US and creation of 2 renowned anti aging doctors.

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There are more proven testimonials which i can share with you.

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As i've mentioned , do spare some timeframe to try after which decide for itself.

Please feel free to browse Welcome to Jeunesse

Do reach me for non obligation understanding on the product too! (96889090)
Thank you !