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Stay at Home or Work?

This is a discussion on Stay at Home or Work? within the Stay at Home or Work at Home Mum Club forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Would love to be a stay home mom. I'm pregnant now, due in October, and have quitted my job not ...

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    Stay at Home or Work?

    Would love to be a stay home mom. I'm pregnant now, due in October, and have quitted my job not long ago. I would really love to be with my baby in his early years, watch him grow, teach him morals, educate him in knowledge, and I studied developmental psychology last time so I'm very interested to observe his growing up years and apply what I learnt. Unfortunately, everyone around me is encouraging me to work full time, especially since mother in law offered to take care of baby.

    My worries are, babies need undemanding attention from mothers when they are young in order to grow up as a confident child. I will be depriving my child of that if I really go to work when he's very young like before 1 year old. And most of my friends' kids who are taken care of or doted on by grandparent(s) seem to be more spoilt and easily become trouble teens as compared to their less doted on by grandparents siblings. They dont really listen to my friends when they discipline them. Maybe coz they are used to being protected by grandparents.

    I'm at a dilemma... whether to stay at home or to find a job soon after baby is born.

    PS: Pls dont spam this with work at home advertisements. Thanks!

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    Re: Stay at Home or Work?

    Hi Lyra,

    It really up to parents on how to raise there kids. It doesn't matter if your at home or your working even if you stay at home and does not work
    you can still in fact have the chances to spoil them.

    Babies needs tender, loving, care and attention. But if you can provide their needs without working that is also a good idea but if you think that
    you are not financially stable then everyone of us should act as a parent.

    But in early years of your baby it is most important to personally take care of them and also for mommies to have a rest after giving birth.

    After that you can decide wether to work outside or work at home.

    But here is a little bit of advice,
    There a really lots of works online that really pays with 0% investment.


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    Re: Stay at Home or Work?

    It is really very nice to be a stay-at-home-mom. You can provide your kids with the love and care they need. You can supervise them most of the time. You can as well help them with their school projects and assignments.

    But, if you think the salary of your partner cannot support your needs you can as well be a work-at-home-mom. Working telecommute now is already a trend. But you just need to balance your time to both the work and the family.


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    Re: Stay at Home or Work?

    If finances permit and you enjoy raising your child personally, I'm all for being a stay at home mum.

    Personally, I left my work and relocated to KL to join my hubby during pregnancy.
    Since baby was born, I've been caring for him personally. I love children and enjoy teaching them, so I'm homeschooling him. (Now 32 months old)
    My next baby is due next month and I'd be caring for both.
    The sense of satisfaction is very great as I'm raising my children exactly the way my hubby and I would like to: language use, moral values, habits, character, etc.

    During my free time, I write through my blog and do a little bit of online writing / consulting service, for interest and to keep my mind active. At least, not everything surrounds the child. And I get to expand my business network, in preparation of doing business full-time when the kids are independent and dont't need my full attention anymore.

    Of course, it takes a very supportive hubby to be a happy stay at home mum.
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    Re: Stay at Home or Work?


    It is really hard to be a working mum. specially when you are already attached with your kids.
    But if you think that you have to work for them why not. If thats the only way to give your children with a great future just sayin im a working mum too..

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