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What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

This is a discussion on What Jobs can a stayhome mum do?? within the Stay at Home or Work at Home Mum Club forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Article Source: What Jobs Can A Stay At Home Mum (stay at home mum) Do? | Pregnancy in Singapore What ...

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    What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Article Source: What Jobs Can A Stay At Home Mum (stay at home mum) Do? | Pregnancy in Singapore

    What Jobs Can A Stay At Home Mum (stay at home mum) Do?

    Youíve made the big decision to quit your full-time job to focus on your family as a stay-at-home mum (stay at home mum). However, with only your spouse working, it can get challenging paying for the monthly household expenses and your childís essentials. dontít you hope that you can earn some extra income to ease your spouseís load and set aside some savings for emergency?

    What home-based or part-time job options do you have?

    1. Know Your Skills

    Make a list of skills you can do. Do not limit yourself to the traditional stay at home mum skills of home baking, data entry, writing or telemarketing.

    Envision yourself as a PR consultant, Uber-mom, music teacher, graphic designer, tutor, goodie bag creator, professional cake decorator, sports instructor, web developer, personal shopper, baby items importer, counsellor, distributor of your favourite overseas cult brand, and lots more.

    Although you may not be able to stay at home all the time, you can still schedule your out-of-home working hours to coincide with the time of the day when your kids are in school or occupied with enrichment activities.

    2. Expand Your Network and Mind

    Keep those name cards of business asssociate that you have met and stay connected on LinkedIn and other social media connections. You never know when a contact can lead on to job opportunities.

    Join support networks such as Mums@Work, The Athena Network, meetup.com and Facebook parenting groups to learn more from other parents and update yourself with the latest trends, skills and opportunities.

    Find courses that you have interest in and aim to learn a skill or two Ė such as growing your own herbs, wedding photography and even a local architecture appreciation course.

    Search the SkillsFuture directory for courses (you can use your $500 SkillsFuture credit), and check out these SkillsUpgrade courses (which are eligible for NTUCís UTAP training grant).

    3. Get Yourself Listed On These Networking/Job Sites

    List yourself as a work-from-home job candidate on various organisations such as:

    NTUCís Women Development Secretariat
    Singapore Part Time Jobs
    Job portals which offer work-from-home listings

    If you are working as a freelancer, learn about your contractual rights before you take up any job.

    4. dontít Forget Why You Are Going Back To Work

    A job is more than just a means of income. It is also a way to express ourselves, to fulfil our passions and create a useful product or service out of the skills we are blessed with.

    Our role as a mum is to provide for our families, be it a stay-at-home mum, work-at-home mum, working mum. In the end, it is up to each mum how she chooses the best fit for her and her family.

    I wish you all the best for your back-to-work journey.

    Contributed By Julia Chan of Jules of Singapore Ė A Woman's Reflections on Life and Work

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Hi Mummies who are keen to work from home

    I have a few vacancies for part time work.

    We are looking for someone who can do any of the following tasks:
    1. Video-editing (visuals, sounds, animation, designs of graphics)
    2. Research and Script-writing for video courses
    3. Voice-recording for video courses (for fluent English speakers)
    4. Presenting of information in-front of the camera for video courses (for fluent English speakers)

    Flexible work arrangement to choose from:
    1. Work from home (paid upon completion of task) and attend meetings in the office when necessary
    2. Work in the office (paid hourly @ $7/hr) with the options of deciding the working hours based on the needs of your family and the company. Office is near City Hall Mrt.

    Kindly sms me @ 90236467 the following details:
    1. Your name
    2. Qualifications (Certificates, Diploma, Degree in which course?)
    3. Past job experience
    4. Specific task(s) mentioned above which you are keen to undertake

    We regret that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

    Thank you!

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Hello Mummies who are too busy to leave home but are looking for opportunities to earn some money from home.
    No experiences are needed and it is an own time own target work. Can be easily done at home so long as there is stable internet!
    101% not a scam, I promise and you can call me to know more personally, I will not force you to take on the job if after talking you are not interested.

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Hi Chevie,

    I am interested.
    Izzit those data entry?

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Hi Chevie,
    Please provide more detail to my email ygoh@yahoo.com

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Maybe i can be of help! take a few moment to look at this: manpower supply singapore

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    Any mummies interested in taking over my business selling baby products? Established and positive cash flow - giving up as I'm returning to full time work after 2 years. Only those who are seriously interest and can afford it, please contact me

    Industry: Baby products (strollers, car seats, baby carriers, cots, breast pumps etc)
    Asking price: $9,500 + inventory value (return on investment easily within 10 months based on past track record)

    Key Features:
    - Easy to use e-commerce platform
    - Ready catalogue with appx 500 items
    - Established and respected supplier contracts (includes drop-shipping) with top brand names
    - Established fulfilment channels at the lowest cost
    - Real Customer database - 600+
    - Requires minimum time (average of 0 - 1 hour a day). Check emails to see what orders are in, arrange to send it out. Done.
    - Business can expand its catalogue quickly by buying inventory from other suppliers

    Business is ideal for:
    - A 9-5 person looking for an easy to manage side business
    - Stay at home mums / work at home mums

    What you get:
    - a ready business ( distribution channels, supply chain management, inventory, the whole A - Z!)
    - business training and transitional support from existing owner

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    Re: What Jobs can a stayhome mum do??

    We are looking for Online Sales Associate, dealing with premium skincare and cosmetics.
    Comission based, own time own target.
    You need to have your own internet connection.

    Those with experience in online sales or familiar with social media (blog, youtube, instagram, facebook, wechat, carousel etc) preferred.
    Interested pls email contact.pandorabeauty@gmail.com with your background.

    Some of the products are listed here:

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