This is a focus group discussion about 2 hour on topics breakfast like cerals drinks or oats

Response if your profile fit into criteria.

Venue : Maxwell Road

Date : 25-10-2011 at 3.45pm for Female of Age 30 - 40yrs old Female, Working, Married with kids (Cash S$100)


- 30 to 40 yrs old female, married with kids. mixed race of Singaporean or Singapore PR
- Respondents must drink breakfast food item like cerals drinks, oats, etc
- Respondents must be health conscious
- Respondents must be Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businessmen and White collars only
- Household income of above S$5500
- Respondents must be articulate and chatty, speak good English
- Respondents please take note that if you have participated in any focus group discussion you are not allowed to participate for the next 6mths

Incentives : Cash S$100

Interested parties can email to with the following details filled up.
Full Name:
I/C No:
Gender :
Handphone No:
Marital Status: Married with kids
Type of breakfast food taken:
Industry you are working in:

Please note that the interviewer will make a short screening before selected.

Please pass to your family members, friends or colleagues who are interested.

Important: Please be honest with your submission to prevent blacklisted by Research Company