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Anyone encounter contradiction

This is a discussion on Anyone encounter contradiction within the Full Time Working Mum Club forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Had quit my 4yr+ job and now, I have regret for leaving No intention to continue working @ current place, ...

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    Worthy Lady jessielu's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    bt panjang
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    Anyone encounter contradiction

    Had quit my 4yr+ job and now, I have regret for leaving

    No intention to continue working @ current place, sigh, job hop again

    Any1 went into such situation before and how you overcome the transit period?

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    Imperial Concubine
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    Jan 2009
    Geylang Bahru
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    Re: Anyone encounter contradiction

    hi hi, I also quited my job of 10 yrs in Feb, no regrets so far. But found that after quitting, now more busy compared to last time, suddenly so many things need to tidy, suddenly body chx up show not so good result need follow up, hahaha.

    My friend just referred me a 3 M contract job, I quite like the job scope, so going for intv on Monday. On one hand, like have not't rest enough, like still got so many things need to be done. On the other hand, the job scope really sound quite fun, sound like something I like, so my husband asked me to try it out to see how it is.

    dont't put too much stress on yourself, last time I also used to be a job hopper until my last job.
    Family support is very important, esp husband.

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    Imperial Concubine shopaholic's Avatar
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    Re: Anyone encounter contradiction

    I did, but that was about 10 years back. I quitted my first job for a better-paying one, but the new environment sucks. Thoughts of quitting came to me again. I eventually tendered my resignation and during the notice period, I actively looked for another job and started sending out resumes. By the time I left, I still hadnt land on a job but had attended 2 or 3 interviews. Thankfully I was only jobless for only 1-2 weeks before I was called up and offered a new job. During my short "jobless period", I focused on looking for a new job and when free, I looked up friends for lunch or catch up after their work. I also wanted to spend my time meaningfully with my then-boyfriend (now husband) because I know I wont be jobless for very long, and thus, I wanted to enjoy my free time with people I care about.
    full time working mum with 3 kids (8yo, 6yo and a toddler born in Oct 2009)

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