Hi All,

I am a stay at home mum of 14 month old boy. So far, he hasnt been drinking any milk other the breastmilk. I try to drink in a cup in front of him so tht he copies me but he will take few sips(only sometimes not always). He never took bottle (though I didnt try too much when he was younger coz I didnt need to, I was with him to provide him breast). He was never a bottle baby. Now he is already on glass/cup or straw cup. But he wont drink milk from them.

My question is, how should I convince him or make him a habit of fresh milk. Since I will be away for a full time job. I might be able to provide him breastfeeding only at night.
I am worried if no milk intake would effect him.

He doesn't have a sweet tooth too. I have rarely heard babies hating banana but he hates banana. So i can't make pancakes using banana, milk etc. no cereal with milk. No porridge with milk
. Only fruit he eats is apple(tried oranges,strawberry,banana, avocado)

Anyone had similar situation? Mummies please help.