I bought both GRACO stroller and NANIA car seat from Robinson; thinking that after service will be good. Unfortunately, it seems the brands are supplied by APRINSIN Singapore at Tagore Lane.

Both my GRACO stroller and NANIA car seat were giving me problems on different occasions and needed parts replacements. These replacements are needed within 6-12 months after purchases. I have nasty experience dealing with APRINSIN.

1) APRISIN Singapore Pte ltd claimed that they do not provide warranty and will charge me for any parts replacements even though these items are used less than 3-6 months. These products apparently do not have warranty. So dontít buy anything from them. Their parts can be easily spoilt.
2) All their staff is poorly trained and are not costumer oriented. Talking to them is extremely frustrating. In fact, one of them by the name of FELICIA TAN is extremely rude and loud. She even shouted at me in front of all her staff and customers and told me to get out of the store. (If you need to deal them, avoid this store and this woman!)

APRISIN Singapore seems to supply more than GRACO and NANIA brand. They also supply APRICA and Little Tikes. I will not buy any of these products from these brands. The after service from the supplier i.e. APRINSIN Singapore is extremely bad and not something that you like to experience with especially as parents, we have limited time to spare.