Congrats to all mummies,

Have you find your CL? I am 54 years old and I would like to be your CL. I can take care of your other family's member at the same time without extra charge, will also help you for other cleaning if I have time. Not like other only do the duty for mum and baby. I been to SYD for 4 months work as CL, once I promise then I will always keep my promise. You can meet me first to see whether you like me or not. Or you can ask me to work for you at part time when you need, then you decide want me or not? And also my charger is much cheaper than agent cos I no need to give agt fees.

I stay AMK. Daughter got 2 child (5 years old and 2 half years old), live in Glasgow UK. She is a researcher Dr. I went UK when she gave her 2 childs. Son got 1 baby boy (3 months). I help daughter in-law in her confinement month and now she quite her job to take care of my grandson. I am free from now.

Many other CL from Malaysia is only working for 28 days, in fact 28 days is not enough for new mummy to rest, sone time new mummy need more days to rest. Should be 42 days to 56 days to let body recover.

Feel free to call me at 96722468 Thanks


May Koh