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Disappointed. Clinic of Dr Chin Lin Han

This is a discussion on Disappointed. Clinic of Dr Chin Lin Han within the Introduce Yourself forum, part of the Community Lounge category; This is just to share my personal experience and to warn new mummies like myself. My 1st visit to Dr ...

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    Disappointed. Clinic of Dr Chin Lin Han

    This is just to share my personal experience and to warn new mummies like myself.

    My 1st visit to Dr Chen Lin Han at 6 weeks plus just a few weeks ago. Paid $220 for florxin ($7.50), duphaston ($42.50), consultation normal ($100) and US normal ($70). Expensive for a 10 mins visit! I guess the $100 is on ultrasound.

    FIRST WARNING- The nurses appeared to be friendly but please be aware. My personal experience is bad with this FAKE, friendly but impatient old nurse (estimated in 50s, she wears glasses, tan, chinese aunty who always picks up the phone) who refused to explain to me in details what tests or package will be needed for my first trimester when I asked. She judged me, took advantage of me as my foreigner husband was with me. Also, later when I asked my other Singaporean friends around, I realized some clinics will not simply take advantage of us if we mention WHO recommended us to go there. It's best to have the mummy's name. For my case, I bluntly told her it was my first visit and knew the clinic after reading from forums like this one. There you go. I've learnt my lesson, and will only go for recommended gynae from my own friend/s.

    Review on Dr Chen - Friendly, normal details, but spoke too fast. Personally it made me more nervous for my first visit that I forgot what I had to ask. I'll get a list of questions on your phone/paper for my next visit to another gynae. Secondly, I'm dissappointed Dr Chen sounded like a salesman when he highly suggested my husband to have a blood test to confirm something, even after I told him he's visiting his hometown which he can get it for free. But, good that at least, he later wrote down the tests needed to be done to make sure. Still, I already felt uncomfortable.

    PS: I have doctor friends and families and trust me, I know those stories where doctors just out there to earn our money with unnecessary tests. I'm not saying Dr Chen is like that, but be aware of these facts.

    WORST- After 10 mins (yeah, and I was charged a high $220), while waiting, the nurse told me I had to be back in 2 weeks time. Not for any test but just for the doctor to do ultrasound AGAIN! SERIOUSLY? DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID? My mum, sisters and other mummy friends warned that we dont't need the scan this frequent at this early stage and it could potentially hurt the baby! A good gynae won't keep asking the patients to do that! This is a red flag for me.

    Plus, I have already told the clinic nurses I am traveling during the time I'm supposed to take a test for Down Syndrome. The same nurse looked unhappy and said 'oh, the hospital there may not know what they doing'. Seriously? This is a first world country I'm going. IF I can't be back in time means I can't. These people are so desperate to earn my money I'm afraid.

    That's why I'm here to warn all the mummies here. Be careful. dont't appear blur blur like me on my first visit and dont't be afraid ask whatever needed. We pay, we have the right! The nurse even told me she won't tell mummies in general what tests to be done in advance, just by each visit, she'll then inform. Sounds like a good marketing and sales strategy but that's wrong in my eyes! We need to know and plan in advance, for time and budget to compare. More you wanna hide, more I find it suspicious. Wrong for me to be so friendly with her at the first place, I was taken advantage. I'll never go back there again. JUST NO WAY!
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