Hi all.
I'm ain't a mother.

I'm here to post my tuition job that I'm offering.

To: All Primary 1 and Primary 2 mothers.
I'm giving tuition for Primary 1 and Primary 2 kids.

Subject: Maths only.
Rates (Per hour): $8
Each lesson time: you can decide the time for each lesson. however, i suggest 1half hour for each lesson.
Location: Tampines @ my place.
If you want it to be at your place, then there will be transport fees charge.

Why so cheap?
To be honest, I've no experience in teaching other people kids before. However, I do teach my brothers, both in Primary 1 now, how to do their homework.
Secondly, as I'm graduated with an N level cert + 2 O level subject - Elementary Maths and Chinese.
Thirdly, since I've got nothing to do at home, I might as well help out with a bit of the family finance.

You can contact me either thru PM or MSN (qurehappiness.l0ved@hotmail.com).
Alternatively, if you want to get thru me at 92715819, Jolene.

Good Day !

p/s: sorry if my introduction consist of the job posting !